Schmeisser SP15 M5FL


Schmeisser SP15 M5FL

The Schmeisser SP15 M5FL, chambered in the popular .223 Remington, is a modern sporting rifle that combines both aesthetics and performance. 

Key Features

  • Calibre- Chambered in .223 Remington, the SP15 M5FL suits various shooting applications, from target practice to varmint hunting.
  • Ergonomics- The rifle boasts improved ergonomics, ensuring comfort and stability during extended shooting sessions. Its streamlined design allows for quick and intuitive operation.
  • Performance- Built for accuracy and reliability, the SP15 M5FL maintains Schmeisser's reputation for producing top-notch firearms. The barrel is engineered for precision, ensuring tight groupings even at extended ranges.
  • Modularity- The platform's modularity enables users to customize the rifle to fit their specific needs. Whether optics, grips, or other accessories, the SP15 M5FL is adaptable to individual preferences.
  • Safety- Safety remains paramount, and the SP15 M5FL doesn't compromise. It has a host of safety features ensuring secure operation, making it a top choice for novice and seasoned shooters.
  • Applications- Range Shooting: The consistency and precision of the SP15 M5FL make it a favourite among range enthusiasts. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort during prolonged shooting sessions.
  • Maintenance- Schmeisser's design philosophy ensures that the SP15 M5FL is as easy to maintain as it is to shoot. Regular cleaning and lubrication will keep it functioning optimally. Users can easily strip it down for thorough cleaning or repairs thanks to its modularity. 

The Schmeisser SP15 M5FL is more than just a pretty face in the world of firearms. Its design, performance, and versatility make it stand out as one of the top choices for those seeking a reliable, modern sporting rifle. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a novice, the SP15 M5FL promises to deliver on all fronts.


  • Caliber: .223 Remington
  • Action: Straight Pull Bolt Action Barrel
  • Length: 51 cm / 18″ – Bull Barrel
  • Overall Length: 93 cm / 16.75″
  • Weight: 3.95kg / 8.70lbs
  • Barrel: 42.5 cm / 16.7″
  • Twist Rate: 1:9
  • Thread: 1/2×28 UNEF
  • Trigger: SCHMEISSER Two-Stage Trigger
  • Muzzle: Schmeisser NoFlash, A2 flash hider


  • Full Ambidextrous Design
  • MilSpec
  • Schmeisser Charging Handle with gas ports and extended wings
  • 45°/90° safety
  • Solid buffer tube (MilSpec tube)
  • 6 point buttstock
  • Schmeisser polymer pistol grip

Purchase Requirements

Firearms Licence
Collection Only

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